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Medical School Information Services

Medical School Information Services (MSIS) works in partnership with UMHS faculty, staff, and students to provide innovative information services that advance the future of healthcare through discovery, lifelong learning, and the delivery of clinical care. MSIS is uniquely positioned to understand customers’ needs and help them to create, teach, and use information effectively through the delivery of services, technology, consulting, training, and support.

MSIS Research IT helps NCRC laboratories and researchers use increasingly complex systems and technologies while maintaining secure, functional environments. By working in partnership with researchers to develop new solutions, MSIS integrates investigators’ technology needs into new, comprehensive information services.

MSIS designs and implements Research IT services focused on individual investigators and their laboratories to facilitate research and academic success. In the coming year, MSIS will increase support for primary investigators (PIs) by delivering these services directly to labs across UMHS, including  NCRC. This will enable PIs to increase productivity, while also reducing risk.

Onsite to provide information technology and services support to NCRC, MSIS also offers on-demand, face-to-face support for information technology and services at their Help Me Now (HMN) location in Building 18. HMN is also the front door for loaner equipment and A/V requests across NCRC; tenants can even request an HMN “pop-up” to provide support at meetings or events.

Based on the success of the HMN location at NCRC, in August 2015 Medical School Information Services opened a second location in the renovated Taubman Health Sciences Library, and will soon open a third location in the U-M Health System (UMHS)  Towsley Center. Designed to make MSIS services more convenient to their customers, these three locations will enable MSIS to support many more people through easily-accessible walk-in services.

MSIS is also expanding its capabilities to meet the information services needs of NCRC researchers, by developing and offering tools that make it easier to collaborate with colleagues across UMHS and U-M.  A new group, Laboratory Research and Technology Solutions (LabRATS), was formed to evaluate whole lab needs and identify broad foundational, enterprise capability opportunities that, when filled, can propel research forward.  This team recently completed two enterprise research notebook pilots and is working toward identifying a single product for university-wide use.

Over the coming year, MSIS will engage in a unification effort with Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT), other UMHS IT and IS professionals, and partners across UMHS to improve the way UMHS develops and delivers information technology and services to all of its customers and clients. This unification effort is being led by new UMHS Interim CIO, Andrew L. Rosenberg, M.D., and UMHS Associate CIO Ted Hanss.

Bringing a valuable service to NCRC

  • By the end of May 2016, MSIS had already handled nearly as many requests as in all of 2015, including at the NCRC location
  • MSIS’s flexible work environment and open office configuration in Building 200 allows them to redeploy staff quickly to more effectively support projects and meet customers’ needs
  • Most MSIS Service Desk customers receive a reply within two hours, and report a 99 percent satisfaction rating with their MSIS experience
  • MSIS conducts a quarterly survey to track satisfaction and drive improvement; results are published quarterly on the MSIS blog. The survey plays a key role in identifying successes, addressing shortcomings, and launching new services.
  • MSIS co-hosted a number of large-scale events in NCRC facilities, including Hacks With Friends and the Michigan IT Symposium
  • MSIS was an exhibitor at the NCRC Fall Expo

MSIS is available wherever help is needed, whether it’s a lab, office, or conference room. In addition to their standard support locations, MSIS device support teams visit NCRC offices and labs to provide assistance so researchers can stay focused on their work. Whether a customer contacts them in person, via email, or submits an online request for service, MSIS’s goal is to complete the task in as few interactions as possible.

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