Medical School Office of Research

Medical School Office of Research

The Medical School Office of Research (OoR) supports an internationally recognized research enterprise at NCRC, where the shared goal is pursuing innovative science and improving the lives of patients and their families.
“The state-of-the-art facilities and support provided by the NCRC help us serve the research community and, ultimately, contribute to positive patient impact,” notes Steven Kunkel, Ph.D., U-M Medical School Senior Associate Dean for Research. “Across the spectrum, our primary mission is to support a culture of innovation and efficiency.”

Core Functions

  • Create and maintain strategic resources to enhance investigators’ competitiveness
  • Streamline research processes to increase research team satisfaction
  • Build and refine coordinated infrastructure to support high-quality research
  • Accelerate and enhance research through external partnerships to impact health
  • Engage the research community by improving cross communication.


OoR team members touch virtually every facet of Medical School research. All units work together to facilitate and impact key research functions and processes at the Medical School. The OoR is also leading the implementation of the multi-million dollar Strategic Research Initiative, a project involving the entire U-M Medical School research enterprise, to fast-forward to tomorrow’s cures.

Medical School Office of Research at NCRC


  • Biomedical Research Core Facilities
  • Calendar Review & Analysis Office
  • Central Biorepository
  • Fast Forward Medical Innovation
  • Grant Review & Analysis Office
  • Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research
  • Institutional Review Board – Medical School
  • Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research
  • Research Data Warehouse
  • Research Development Support
  • Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine

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