Quality of Life Survey

Quality of Life Survey

Note: A 6-point Likert scale was used for all satisfaction-related questions, considering the need for consistency and standardization within the survey, and to allow comparison with future surveys. Survey questions either asked for levels of satisfaction, or the extent to which respondents agreed with statements.

The 2016 NCRC Quality of Life Survey showed higher ratings in:

  • overall satisfaction
  • building access
  • research services
  • IT services
  • amenities & requests
  • communications
  • transportation
  • food

The most marked gains were in the areas of research services, amenities & requests, and food.

Key Respondent Statistics

18% were new occupants

19% work in a laboratory in some capacity

42% use the North-East Shuttle bus

25% are Wellness Center members

89% use the Picasso Restaurants

7% were faculty members

The 2016 survey was:

  • distributed via email to 2,319 NCRC community members;
  • open from March 29 to April 11, 2016;
  • and had 507 respondents, for a 25.8% response rate (an increase from 22% in 2014 and 24% in 2013).

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