Over 25 years ago, Gerald Attee and his wife Nihad opened their first deli in Ann Arbor. Picasso Restaurant Group, still an Ann Arbor-based company, now operates 15 restaurants and eateries in some of the most prestigious buildings in the Metro Detroit area.

PRG continues to exceed expectations by delivering the very best in product offering with a heavy focus on local purchasing, while still giving customers the service and attention one can only receive from a local owner-operated establishment.

Personalized guest interactions are PRG’s passion. To create an exceptional guest experience, PRG hires people with personality and drive. PRG prides itself in the diversity of its employee partners and strives to develop each and every one of them.

PRG continuously takes recommendations and feedback. Guests at Picasso@NCRC are even offered an interactive feedback board to open lines of communication with the PRG team.

At NCRC, PRG and its experienced staff designed and developed a cutting edge micro-restaurant concept for the newly renovated cafeteria. Picasso@NCRC was born with the passion of turning cafeterias into upscale eateries that truly make guests feel like they are “going out” to eat.

Fresh and healthful

  • PRG uses only antibiotic-free, steroid-free, free range chicken
  • 72% of all products are sourced from local suppliers
  • PRG works extensively with MHealthy dieticians to create MHealthy options
  • Food is made from scratch: no frozen soups; all deli salads are made in-house
  • PRG’s first deli was located at Domino Farms–it was only 500 square feet
Picasso Staff juggling fruit

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