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About This Site

Research Crossroads represents a new approach to our annual report at NCRC. This year we decided to make the report green by delivering it electronically instead of printing it. One of our goals was to bring a strong focus on the people at NCRC – faculty members, researchers, students, administrators, people in private companies and the NCRC community members. Taking advantage of the electronic medium, in this report we integrate extensive photography, hand held video footage inside labs and a series of candid interviews shot on location to provide an experiential view of the people who are making things happen at NCRC. We show you what it looks like day to day in this groundbreaking environment. The written content provides details of rapid growth. We bring to life the faces of our team as we bring together innovative ideas and methods in this exciting facility. We demonstrate how we are delivering on our promise to facilitate cutting edge research at this facility.


We hope you enjoy this website!


Site Credits

Project Manager: Melissa Geisler

Art Director: Hans Anderson

Developer / WordPress programming & IT Support: Lauren Atkins

Writer and editor: Megan Levad

Photography: Jeeheon Cho


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