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Space Usage at NCRC

NCRC Building Occupancy, March 2010 – August 2013

Animation provided by: Sucheta Kulkarni, Geo-Spatial Information Manager, U-M Medical School

Since the acquisition of NCRC, several U-M administrative departments and research programs, as well as external groups have moved to this site. This animation visually demonstrates the growth in the occupancy of the site over the last 3 and a half years. NCRC has been working with the Medical School Office of Space Information, Analysis and Planning to use geo-spatial information tools such as ArcGIS, to enable effective space planning and management. One of the advantages of this tool is the ability to model space in 3D, as shown in the animation.


Click the graphs below for a larger, interactive version.

NCRC_Quarterly_Peel_Down_Chart-2This chart is a look at where we are today in terms of usage of space, showing the inclusions, exclusions and commitments. Starting with 2.2 million sq ft of gross sq ft (1), the net assignable sq ft (NASF) is approximately 1.3 miilion (2). Excluding the 90,000 NASF GMP facility, the NASF for office and lab buildings is approximately 970,000 sq ft (3). Out of this, approximately 580,000 sq ft of space has been activated for offices and labs (4). Out of the activated space, approximately 300,000 sq ft has been occupied, and 130,000 sq ft committed, leaving about 139,000 sq ft as available for future occupancy (5). 53% of the current capacity is now occupied. Another 23% of the current capacity is committed for future occupancy. Total_Occupancy__NCRC-3The NCRC Total Occupancy chart shows the growth of occupied space over time as compared to the current capacity of activated space (590,000 sq ft).
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This chart shows the breakdown of the growth of occupied space by Administrative, Research and Research Administrative categories. In the last year, with the establishment of several research programs and labs, the Research category has seen steep growth.

Space_Allocation__NCRCThis chart shows the allocation of the net assignable sq ft of office and lab buildings as of June 2013. Including the GMP facility, this space is approximately .95 miiion NASF.  Wet research and research support space account for 23% of the total space, followed by non-lab research/admin space at 39%.
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Wet_Research_Space__NCRCExcluding research support space, the space available for wet lab research is approximately 220,000 ft. 53% of this space requires renovation, leaving 47% available for activation. Wet_Research_Space_Available__NCRCExcluding research support space, wet lab research space available for activation is approximately 85,000 sq ft. 82% of this space has been committed and 18% is available for future planning.
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Non-Lab_Research_Administrative_Space__NCRCOf the approximately 374,962 sq ft of space available for non-lab based research and administrative functions, the majority (66%0 space is for non-lab research and 34% for administrative uses. Administrative_Space_Allocation__NCRC80% of the available administrative space at NCRC has already been occupied, 11% committed, 6% requires repairs and renovation, leaving another 9% as available for future occupancy.


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